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Don't let your weight get in the way of life...

Support for women who are ready to stop
the obsession with food and their weight.

I help women turn their love/hate relationship with food and their body into one of freedom and confidence.

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Start your journey to peaceful weight loss today with my FREE email program: Unleash Your Inner Skinny

Stop beating yourself up and start investigating the "why"
around your food, body, and weight issues

Identify the obstacles that are holding you back
from losing the weight once and for all

Build motivation to make positive changes in your life

"This is a great program to help anyone to take a look inside their mind and see what is really going on with there thoughts and how those thought connect with how you eat." - Unleash Your Inner Skinny participant

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Thanks for visiting! I assume you are here because you find yourself feeling hopeless when it comes to your on-going battle with food and weight.

I would love to help you lose weight, but more than anything, I want you to be able to surround yourself with your choice of yummy foods and not feel like a crazy person around them!  

I want you to look in the mirror without feeling disgusted in yourself. That is my hope for you.

Stick around! Below you will find events that may interest you, as well as recent blog posts. You can also read more about me, stay up to date via e-mail, or explore my blog

Unleash Your Inner Skinny Master Class Series


I hear people say all the time, “I’m doing all the right things, but I can’t lose weight!”


Science and research is showing that, though diet + exercise is important in weight loss, there are so many other factors that play out with a healthy body + weight loss. 


This is why I have created Unleash Your Inner Skinny – The Master Class Series.


This series is FREE and includes eight classes held every six weeks starting in February.


Each class will cover one of the following factors that have been linked to weight-gain and make it difficult to lose weight: 









These classes will be packed with valuable information and resources so you can explore more on your own if you would like.


Get in on this now, while it’s FREE! I can’t guarantee I will offer something like this again at no-cost :-)


To register for the class series and receive more information about the classes, click here.

If you are ready to change your relationship with food, sign-up and receive Unleash Your Inner Skinny (for free!).

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"Not only did Kristen help me better my relationship with food, she also helped me deal with my emotions and sabotaging thoughts that kept playing out in my life, getting in the way of my happiness. In the short time working with Kristen, I lost weight without dieting or feeling deprived. It felt effortless. I now have a new relationship with food, I'm working out, and learning to make healthier choices to fuel my body." - Carol K., Syracuse, NY 

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