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I know how it feels to hate your body – to dread getting up every morning because you have to put on clothes that are too tight which, in turn, reminds you that you haven’t lost the weight yet.

I remember struggling immensely with every single food decision. It was a constant on-going battle in my mind. I felt overwhelming guilt and shame over eating too much, or not exercising enough.  My life was ruled by how I felt about my body…it was not a fun way to live.

Over time, I have developed a different way of looking at weight loss and my body. I am able to feel peace no matter what the scale reads.  I have freed myself from the prison I was living in.

I am passionate about helping you do the same and here are some ways I can help you: 

Transform Your Relationship With Food, Your Weight, and Life Overall:

Private One-on-One Coaching for Six Months


Maybe you have spent 10+ years of your life trying every diet out there, and sometimes you have had great success! But then something happens and you "fall off the wagon" - it seems like a never-ending cycle and leaves you frustrated and hopeless. 

You understand - finally! - that there is no "quick fix" to losing weight. You have lost faith in dieting. Yet you still have your eye on the prize - weight loss. But you have no clue how to obtain this without dieting. You are starting to think permanent weight loss isn't possible for you. 

Maybe you have finally lost the weight you always wanted to lose, but you still obsess about what you "should" or "shouldn't" eat. And stepping on the scale causes major anxiety. If the number goes up, you can't help but think you are just doomed to gain the weight back. 


You take a completely different approach to weight loss.

You dive deep into your relationship with you, food, and your body.

You unravel all the years of "programming" that have left you feeling like weight loss and peace with food is impossible.

You uncover why you continue to do things that push you "off the wagon". 

Think about it this way, if the lights kept going out in your home every night, would you just keep investing in candles and flashlights and hope one day the lights will stay on? No! You would want to know why this is happening so you could fix it for good. You wouldn't settle for less, would you? 

During our six months together, we will uncover your "why" for the way you treat food and your body. This is the secret to long-term weight loss and peace with food. 

I will be teaching you, coaching you, and helping you get through roadblocks that once sent you off-track. You will learn valuable tools and techniques that you can use in every area of your life. Read More...

*I also offer three month and six week coaching packages specific to your needs. For more information, click here.*

Take Your Power Back Over Food 

Six Week Group Coaching Program


Although it's obvious what you should and shouldn't eat, sometimes it's difficult to sync your weight loss knowledge with your hand that just wants to grab one more cookie! This six week coaching program will provide you with tools to change the way you view food and dieting which in turn leads to long-term weight loss


  • Think you know all there is to know about losing weight, but can't seem to make it happen.

  • Have tried numerous diet plans and programs but don't see lasting results.

  • Battle with guilt, shame, and hopelessness on a daily basis in regards to your weight.

  • Determine the type of day you will have by how your pants fit in the morning. 

  • Want to say good-bye to the war with your weight.

  • Want to feel at peace with food.

  • Are fully committed to changing (even if it is uncomfortable).

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"I reached out to Kristen for coaching because even though I know a lot about nutrition, exercise, and how to lose weight, I wasn't losing weight. I was gaining weight. I had been successful in the past with losing weight, but I was really struggling to get my head on right and was knowingly doing things that were sabotaging my weight loss goals.

While working with Kristen I really started to listen to my body and its internal ques. I also rewrote the negative 'self talk' that was going on in my head. Kristen helped me have insight into why I was sabotaging my weight loss and health goals. She really helped me get to the core of what was going on in my head about food, exercise, and my attitude. I definitely learned that I can be way to hard on myself and sometimes just need a new perspective.

Over the 6 weeks the biggest take home is that I can trust myself with food and to make the best decisions for my body to keep it healthy. I also have started to apply some of the techniques Kristen taught me to other aspects of my life.

Kristen is a kind and warm person that I felt comfortable being totally honest with without judgment, which was crucial to me being honest with myself about what was at the heart of my struggles with food and exercise." -Michelle Goldych, 31, Baldwinsville, NY, chiropractor,