"Before working with Kristen, I couldn't imagine going a day without chocolate - I had to have it in the house at all times. 

While working with Kristen, I started to unravel my relationship with food, and how I was using it for many different reasons other than fuel. 

As a result of our time together, I make better choices with when I eat, what I eat and I am losing weight. I have started eliminating processed foods.  I also go 2 or 3 days at a time without chocolate or sugar!

I had tried every diet out there, but coaching has been the only thing that helped me create a new relationship with food that feels healthier, and most importantly, sustainable." -Kathy K., Florida

"I engaged in coaching with Kristen because my relationship with food was one of the last areas of my life that I felt I wasn't making progress in. I wanted to learn more about my triggers for overeating and eliminate them.

During my time with her, I began to understand how my relationship with myself was sabotaging my efforts to get healthy. I changed the way I treated myself and because of this, my urge to eat mindlessly started to diminish.

I learned that I am not protected by food, and food doesn't belong in the place of God, friends, family and community. Kristen's ability to love, support and guide helped me develop a healthier and more loving way of self-care." -Michele Welch

“I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders since I started working with Kristen. I am no longer waking up every day obsessed with dieting and losing weight.

I have learned to love myself exactly as I am, and because of this I am losing weight, which to me is a bonus. For the first time, I lost weight through out the holiday season! I never thought I would say this, but what this process has done for me mentally is better than any number on the scale.” – Chrissy DiTucci, Syracuse, NY

"Kristen has the ability to laser in on the issue while still being kind and gentle. She helped me question some thoughts around my eating disorder that were getting in the way of healing and actually making the problem worse.

After just our first phone call, I already felt some weight lifted off my shoulders. Kristen is a sincere person who truly cares and is great at what she does. I know that with Kristen in my corner I can continue to mend my relationship with food and my body."  - Jess Ryan, Parenting Coach www.jessryan.com

"I reached out to Kristen for coaching in hopes that I would achieve a healthier relationship with food.  From working together, I realized that my problems had less to do with food and more to do with control and being true to myself.  

I am grateful for Kristen and her compassionate approach to coaching because she got me to a point where I was able be me again in all areas of my life.  Happily working on myself, inside and out, and I will continue to use Kristen throughout my ongoing journey." - Allison Zales, Syracuse, NY

"I have battled with my weight for over 10 years and I had a feeling it wasn't just because of diet and lack of exercise. I decided to work with Kristen in the hopes that I could learn more about myself and make life changes.

Kristen helped me discover why I make the choices that I do and offered up creative ways to make changes and think differently about food.

I had an "Aha" moment when I discovered that there was a significant point in my life that changed the way I treated myself and led to weight gain. This discovery helped me remove a major roadblock that had been standing in my way for years.

Not only did Kristen help me better my relationship with food, she also helped me deal with my emotions and sabotaging thoughts that kept playing out in my life, getting in the way of my happiness.

In the short time working with Kristen, I lost 8 pounds without dieting or feeling deprived. It felt effortless. I now have a new relationship with food, I'm working out, and learning to make healthier choices to fuel my body. I originally was not sure how a Life Coach could help me, but my time with Kristen has truly changed my life!" -Carol Kolceski, Syracuse, NY

"I reached out to Kristen for coaching because even though I know a lot about nutrition, exercise, and how to lose weight, I wasn't losing weight. I was gaining weight.I had been successful in the past with losing weight, but I was really struggling to get my head on right and was knowingly doing things that were sabotaging my weight loss goals.

While working with Kristen I really started to listen to my body and its internal questions. I also rewrote the negative 'self talk' that was going on in my head. Kristen helped me have insight into why I was sabotaging my weight loss and health goals. She really helped me get to the core of what was going on in my head about food, exercise, and my attitude.

I definitely learned that I can be too hard on myself and sometimes just need a new perspective. Over the 6 weeks the biggest thing I learned is that I can trust myself with food and to make the best decisions for my body to keep it healthy. I also have started to apply some of the techniques Kristen taught me to other aspects of my life.

Kristen is a kind and warm person that I felt comfortable being totally honest with without judgment, which was crucial to me being honest with myself about what was at the heart of my struggles with food and exercise." -Michelle Goldych, Chiropractor, www.drgoldych.com