Take Your Power Back Over Food - Six Week Group Coaching Program

Take Your Power Back Over Food 

Six Week Group Coaching Program


Although it's obvious what you should and shouldn't eat, sometimes it's difficult to sync your weight loss knowledge with your hand that just wants to grab one more cookie! This six week coaching program will provide you with tools to change the way you view food and dieting, which in turn leads to long-term weight loss


  • Think you know all there is to know about losing weight, but can't seem to make it happen.

  • Have tried numerous diet plans and programs but don't see lasting results.

  • Battle with guilt, shame, and hopelessness on a daily basis in regards to your weight.

  • Determine the type of day you will have by how your pants fit in the morning. 

  • Want to say good-bye to the war with your weight.

  • Want to feel at peace with food.

  • Are fully committed to changing (even if it is uncomfortable).



Week #1: Tackling Inner-Critic and Eating Tools: A big part of losing weight is eating less. Most of us have lost touch with what it feels like to be hungry versus full. Learn the #1 tool to eliminate overeating and help you recognize the cues  you need to listen for in order to put down that fork! Also, learn how to get off of the guilt-shame-eat cycle so that you can stop feeling bad about how and what you eat.


Week #2: More Eating Tools: Learn the best way to understand what your body needs to lose weight (this is different for everyone). Uncover the rules and regulations that have kept you stuck in the weight-loss-weight gain cycle and create a new way of eating that is sustainable for the long-run.


Week #3: Emotional Eating:  Have you ever finished a bag of chips, and then realized you didn't even taste them? By learning more about your emotions and how they work for you, you will combat this habit of unconscious eating that wreaks havoc on your weight loss efforts. 


Week #4: Exercise:  Being acitve is a major component of weight loss and a healthy lifestyle. Often times you set out with a grand goal for exercise, only to give up after a week if you miss a workout. Learn the key to being a consistent exerciser and create a workout plan that works for you


Week #5: Self-Sabotage: Do you find yourself frequently "falling off the wagon"? Identify the many ways you are getting in the way of your weight loss efforts and what to do about it so you no longer fall back into your old sabotaging habits. 


Week #6: Stay Motivated:  Putting yourself first is the best way to stay committed to your health. Learn how to make yourself a priority no matter what craziness goes on in your life. Create a plan for yourself that will keep you motivated for the long-run. 



  • Recognize the messages your body is sending you in regards to hunger.

  • Feel in control around food no matter what the situation is. 

  • Make choices about food with little effort.

  • Identify and eliminate your self-sabotaging technique.

  • Stop spinning on the guilt-shame-eat cycle.

  • Implement activity in a fun way.

  • View weight loss as a peaceful process.

  • Notice a difference with your weight.



Time Committment:  We meet once a week for six weeks. Group classes are held over the phone and last 60 minutes. You can plan on spending one hour outside of class working on homework and implementing what you are learning.

Special Goodies You Will Receive:

  • Mini-workbooks for each class to explore learning on your own 

  • Recordings of the class so you can listen back at any time or use them later down the road as a refresher

  • Weekly check-in email from me to provide additional support, inspiration, and reflection

  • 30 minute private one-on-one coaching session during our six weeks together to use as a way to help push you through any roadblocks you are coming up against.

Investment is $247 (This is a 70% savings over working with me one-on-one for six weeks!)


I run this group a few times through out the year. For more information, or to get on the waiting list for the next group, simply fill out this form.