Wishing For Your Previous Body?

Wishing For Your Previous Body?

  • Written by admin
  • - 2 years, 7 months ago

So many of us women are trying to get back to a body we once had. I know the exact number I weighed when I found out I was pregnant with my second child.


And since that day, no matter how comfortable I am in my current body, I want to see that number again.


Because of this desire, I have a whole bin of clothes in the basement that I haven’t touched in over two years.


In the meantime, I’ve (unintentionally) been building a new wardrobe made up of workout clothes and leggings. Always thinking that eventually my old clothes will fit.


Why do we constantly aspire to get back to our prebaby weight, college weight, or lowest weight? 


Of course, the messages we receive from the media play A LOT into this. The entertainment industry praises the woman that can walk the Victoria Secret runway six weeks after giving birth. That’s just not normal...


In reality, your body is always changing. The natural process is to lose muscle as you get older and have an increase in body fat. Changes in hormones also cause weight gain.


This may look like a grim picture for weight loss as you age. But why fight so hard against nature? Of course there are things you can do to prevent weight gain and muscle loss, but you may never get back to that number you saw so long ago.


As for me, I have drastically changed my eating and exercise, and have not seen a change in how much I weigh. I am nowhere close to where I was pre-baby #2.


Focusing on how I feel physically and energetically has been my motivation to stick with a healthy lifestyle even when the scale doesn’t move.


I have decided that since March is when I am decluttering my closet and clothes, as part of the year long Declutter Cleanse, I will get rid of all clothes that I cannot fit into.


I know this will be challenging for me because I tend to think about getting rid of these clothes as throwing away money. It will also be helpful because I will no longer have the thought of my old clothes floating around in my mind.


It’s just one more way to release the mental energy that I’m spending thinking about my previous body.


If you haven’t stepped into your current body, why? Are you wasting a lot of mental energy trying to get back to your previous body? What can you do to let go of your past body and engage with the body you have now?


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