What is Healthy Anyway?

What is Healthy Anyway?

  • Written by admin
  • - 2 years, 5 months ago

Six years ago if you asked me what I thought “being healthy” meant, I would’ve defined it as maintaining a healthy weight and exercising frequently. I figured if you had these two things going on, you were pretty healthy.


I never considered how I dealt with food as playing into my health. I thought it was a way of life to be obsessed with what I should and shouldn’t eat. I thought it wasn’t a big deal that I was wallowing in guilt and shame about my food binges. I believed that I lacked control and discipline. I hated myself when I lost control around food or ate something I thought was bad for me.


But, hey, I weighed 135 pounds (picture on the left) and I was exercising five times a week so I was healthy, right? WRONG. I appeared healthy but I had a very tumultuous relationship in my head with food and it was making me miserable!


Fast forward to today. I weigh 20 pounds more (picture on the right) than I did six years ago. But I feel physically and mentally amazing. I feel the best I have felt in years and I contribute this to my transformed relationship with food.


By transforming this relationship, I’ve been way more consistent with how I eat and exercise. I believe that no body is the same and I try to pay attention to what my body needs. I no longer am restricting myself for days, and then eating everything in sight.


I now define being healthy as having a peaceful relationship with food, listening to what my body does and doesn’t like and honoring that,  and moving in a way that is fun to me. When you are truly tuned into these things, health is inevitable.


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