The Biggest Disservice

The Biggest Disservice

  • Written by admin
  • - 2 years, 10 months ago


I have always been a fan of Ali Vincent, the first female to win the Biggest Loser. She took her title and created a business for herself, empowering people everywhere to lose weight.


However, back in April she appeared on Facebook Live and people commented on the change in her appearance. She gained back all the weight she lost on the show. She went through a traumatic time, she shares the whole story here, leading her to self-isolate and turn to food for comfort.


Ali isn’t the only participant from the show that gained back weight, if not more, after leaving the Biggest Loser Ranch. It’s no surprise that the contestants could not keep up with the overly restrictive diet and workout schedule.


One female contestant has lost more weight since leaving the ranch. But she says that keeping her weight down is a full-time struggle. Even the smallest treat can send her into a binge tailspin.


And now research is showing that the show is actually damaging to the contestants metabolism making it extremely difficult for them to keep the weight off.


I’m not surprised that a show like this is still on TV. After all, who doesn’t like a before and after story? But this show can be mentally and physically damaging for individuals, even creating life threatening eating disorders in some. It sets people up for long-term failure. And even though it may teach the contestants how to change their eating, the eating and exercise routine is pretty much unobtainable after leaving the ranch.


So how is it really helping these people to create healthy habits?


Now I would totally watch a show where the trainers/coaches follow around participants as they live their life – going to work, taking care of kids, attending social events, and dealing with the regular tragedies and drama’s that come along with life.


This type of show would be an opportunity to show people how to cope with life without the help of food. It could also show easy ways to incorporate reasonable amounts of exercise into a busy day. After all, these are the things we really struggle with, right?


Most importantly, this type of show would be a great example of how transformation can happen without having to overturn your whole life.


And if there is a show like this on TV, please let me know what it is?


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