Not Just a Pretty Face

Not Just a Pretty Face

  • Written by admin
  • - 2 years, 5 months ago

My husband and I were in the car talking about the latest drama in the sports world. Ayesha Curry, wife to professional basketball player Stephen Curry, recently tweeted that the basketball game her husband played in had been rigged for money and ratings.


Her tweet caused a stir in the NBA world and brought up the question of her role as a wife of a professional athlete. My husband shared with me that one male commentator said that Ayesha should just sit in the crowd and look pretty.


Before my husband even finished telling me the whole story of what the commentator said, I was furious and interrupted him. I shared with him that I believed she should be able to have an opinion no matter who she is married to or what she looks like. She is an individual, not just Steph Curry’s wife or “a pretty face”. 


Needless to say, my husband and I got into a heated debate about how he perceived the comment and how I perceived the comment. It actually ended up being a good conversation, but I will spare you the details.


At this point you are probably wondering why I am sharing this with you… Recently, I have become hyperaware to how we as females base our worth on our bodies, and how we allow others to do so as well.


Yes, we have come a long way. But, unfortunately, women are still fed messages that your worth is based on how you look.

There are a gazillion diets and products out there to try to change the way you look. The underlying message is you are not enough in the body, skin, and face you have. There’s always a way to change your appearance for the better.


This is simply not true.


The message that your worth is dependent on your appearance can be extremely troubling for our youth, especially young girls.


I was listening to the Your Kick-Ass Life podcast with Andrea Owen and she was interviewing Sarah Jenks, creator and founder of Live More Weigh Less. Sarah shared that she has become intentional in speaking to her son and daughter about the ability of the body instead of the appearance of the body.


For example, she will comment on how amazing it is that her body carried her through a run, or how great it is that her body allows her to pick her kids up and cuddle with them. I absolutely love this idea and I’m working on doing the same thing with my sons.


Another idea, especially for young girls, is to pay attention to the magazines and media they consume. Have conversations about how fashion magazines do not portray “real” pictures. The models are often air-brushed and manipulated to create the picture the magazines are looking for.


Lastly, pay attention to what you support as a consumer and ask yourself if the product is supporting or preventing you from being comfortable in your own body?


You know as well as I do that we as women are so much more than a “pretty face”. It’s our job to let this message shine through.


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