Do You Use Food to Procrastinate?

Do You Use Food to Procrastinate?

  • Written by admin
  • - 2 years, 5 months ago

Are you a constant procrastinator?


For me, procrastination stems from overwhelm. Overwhelm is a big emotional trigger that can lead to eating for me.


Overwhelm occurs when I think I don’t have enough time in the day to get everything done. Just thinking this thought makes my body feel exhausted!


When I am feeling this way my head goes to work to try to figure out solutions to get everything done and my body just wants to lie on the couch. It then becomes a tug of war between my mind and body, and often, my body wins. And I procrastinate.


But yet, I can’t even enjoy laying on the couch because my brain won’t shut-up about how much I have to get done, and how little discipline I have and on, and on.


Lying on the couch fighting with my thoughts leads to zoning out or eating to distract myself. Not the action I really wanted to take.


Lately, I have tried to take more of a kind approach toward myself. If my body truly needs to rest, I try to give myself 20 to 30 minutes without fighting with myself. I give myself a little recharge.


I started keeping a small notebook accessible to me at all times. When I feel overwhelm, I remind myself that I will feel better once I get the thoughts out of my head. I use the notebook to do this. Sometimes after that I am propelled into action and other times I just feel more peaceful because all my thoughts aren’t running around in my head.


There is one last trick that I learned years ago in my Martha Beck Life Coach Training. It’s called The Three B’s (Bag, Better, Barter). Here’s an example of how I use this:


Task: Clean up the kitchen after a meal


Could I Bag It (meaning not do it at all)? I could, but then the mess would just stay there and I would start to feel kind of gross about it.  


Could I Better It? This is actually what I do. I make the task better by watching a show on my iPad while I clean up.


Could I Barter It? I might be able to find someone to come in and clean my house every day in exchange for a service I could offer that person. But I’m not really willing to extend myself to someone else in order to get this done.


Use The Three B’s to help you loosen up your mind about what you have to do and how you have to do it.


Ultimately, when I get myself out of overwhelm and procrastination, I find myself avoiding mindless eating and feeling better with myself.


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