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Decluttering the Mind (Recap of June ’17 Mind Declutter Cleanse Challenge)

June was the month to declutter my mind as part of the Declutter Cleanse Challenge 2017.  When my mind is ...


My Weakness – Books (Recap of May ’17 Book Declutter Cleanse Challenge)

Honestly, this was the most difficult challenge for me! I have an obsession with books. At this time, I own ...


Simplifying Toys (Recap of April ’17 Toy Declutter Cleanse Challenge)

As part of the Declutter Cleanse 2017, I chose April to sort through and organize all of the toys my ...


How a Capsule Wardrobe Changed My Life - Recap of March ’17 Clothes and Closet Declutter Cleanse Challenge

In March I started cleaning out my closet and going through all the clothes that accumulated in the basement. I ...


How to Have More Time and Money By Decluttering Your Basement

As part of the Declutter Cleanse 2017, February was the month I chose to declutter the basement. I didn’t accomplish ...


No Sugar, No Flour, No Alcohol

Back in January of 2017, I created a Declutter Cleanse in an effort to simplify my life. I had completed ...