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How a Capsule Wardrobe Changed My Life - Recap of March ’17 Clothes and Closet Declutter Cleanse Challenge

In March I started cleaning out my closet and going through all the clothes that accumulated in the basement. I ...


How to Have More Time and Money By Decluttering Your Basement

As part of the Declutter Cleanse 2017, February was the month I chose to declutter the basement. I didn’t accomplish ...


No Sugar, No Flour, No Alcohol

Back in January of 2017, I created a Declutter Cleanse in an effort to simplify my life. I had completed ...


Habit Tracking? It Works.

I love to track information and data. It provides satisfaction to put a little check mark next to a task, ...


Are You Struggling to Make Changes?

I haven’t written in a few weeks and the truth is I have been struggling to find the time to ...


Is It Really a Vacation Without Cocktails?

I recently returned from a weeklong vacation in Florida. It was a spur of the moment trip to visit my ...