A Fear of Christmas Cookies

A Fear of Christmas Cookies

  • Written by admin
  • - 4 years, 3 months ago

I used to fear Christmas cookies – big time.

They were my major weakness, especially cutouts with frosting.

I dreaded attending holiday parties or family gatherings because I just knew I would have to try to physically restrain myself from wolfing down a dozen or more.

There was one Christmas when I ate so many of them that I was physically ill and had to stay home instead of attending a family dinner. Not only was my stomach punishing me, but I felt so out of control, weak, hopeless, and shameful about eating all the cookies.

Looking back on this now, I recognize that I was looking at those cookies to do a job for me. They represented comfort and security because they were presented at times when I was visiting home and around family.

They also offered a break from my dieting and my restricting of food to lose weight. It’s almost like I created this deal with myself that once I saw them, all bets were off and I could lose control.

In reality, food cannot provide comfort or security for you and the more you restrict yourself of a food, the more likely you will find a way to “treat” yourself to that food later on.

Once I started to take a look at my relationship with the cookies, I became clearer on what they could and could not do for me. Ultimately, they provide a few seconds of tasty bliss in my mouth which I love.  But eating a ton of them lessens that bliss – and makes me feel sick.

I also reminded myself that I can choose to have cookies whenever I want. I can make cutouts in July if I so choose! This type of mentality quieted that part of me that feared never being able to have the cookies again. 

I am happy to say that I now have a healthy relationship with Christmas cookies and no longer fear being in close proximity to them, which makes the holidays a bit more enjoyable!

If you feel out of control around certain foods (especially this time of year), check-in with yourself and ask yourself why? What does that food represent to you? Is it really true that you will only be able to eat that food around the holidays? 

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