5 Things Learned from Simplifying My Food and Eliminating Alcohol or Declutter Cleanse Recap Month #1

5 Things Learned from Simplifying My Food and Eliminating Alcohol or Declutter Cleanse Recap Month #1

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  • - 2 years, 7 months ago

Going into January, I was mentally prepared for the personal challenge I set for myself - eliminating sugar, flour and alcohol from my diet. I had plenty of time to prep myself mentally before taking on the task. Plus, sticking to the Whole30 for 30 days straight gave me the confidence to pursue this goal.


As I’ve talked about before, I came to the realization that the foods I ate for over 30 years of my life, were not working for me anymore. This information showed up in my energy level, mental state, and my weight. I desired to feel more focused and less overwhelmed – especially mentally.


My goal for January was to alleviate the mental energy that went into eating and drinking. I knew that if I narrowed down what I was eating by eliminating some things, I wouldn’t expand as much energy thinking about it.


Did I accomplish this? Yes, and here is why:

  1. My husband and I went out for dinner and a movie. I didn’t spend time going back and forth in my head about who should be the designated driver. There was no question about who would drive because I knew I wasn’t drinking. Plus, I could sit through the movie and focus on it without feeling tired.


  1. I went out of town with my kids to visit my sister. I really felt super relaxed while we were there. Usually we get cookies and yummy fun stuff for the kids, but knowing that I wasn’t eating sugar eliminated the temptation from my mind. For me, the trip really was about enjoying the time together and not about the food.


  1. I maintained a lot of habits because my mental and physical state was so consistent from day to day. No food or alcohol hangovers to deal with. Here are some of the things I accomplished:


  • I read four books. I make it a habit to read for a half hour a day. Most of my reading is done before bed or on the treadmill.

  • I spent more quality time playing with the kids without interruption. I have noticed a difference in their behavior because of this.

  • I kept a journal. I received a one sentence journal for mothers for Christmas. For the longest time I have wanted to document what happens from day to day with my boys, but I never put the time into doing it. I used this journal every night to write one sentence about our day.

  • I exercised on average every other day. I logged over 41 miles on the treadmill. I set out to do 40 miles in January so I beat this record. Setting personal challenges for myself is a big motivation for me.


  1. At the end of the day, food is food. Yes, it can allow for a lot of pleasure, but there is so much more in life that allows for pleasure too. When I really thought about it, not allowing myself to eat cookies chips, or ice cream, IS NOT the worst thing that can happen to me. When I thought about depriving myself of certain foods in this way, it seemed like it was no big deal.


  1. I can lose weight. Yes, since undergoing this challenge I have lost between 5-7 pounds (depending on the day). As or right now, this seems like a good way to release weight from my body.


I am continuing with no sugar/flour/alcohol for the year of 2017. I’m really interested to see what I can accomplish when I am feeling this great.


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